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Rapture Dream - Athena Lew's Journal

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November 23rd, 2014

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09:09 am - Rapture Dream
I had a disturbing dream back in June 2014. It comes in 3 parts:

1.) "I saw the government ripping away infants, toddlers, and young kids away from their parents. If parents don't give up their kids to the government, then the government will shoot their kids on the spot. I heard millions of screams from around the world."

I told Edgar about this and we wondered what it could be. He told me about the Central American parents sending their kids illegally to the U.S. Our government is blatantly ripping kids away from Central American parents by promising a better future.

Why would parents be so blind as to send their kids away like that? I believe that these illegal kids are being used as pawns for a greater purpose. Perhaps someday if they want freebies from the government, then they have to get the Mark of the Beast. That goes for everyone who's on government entitlement whether if it's welfare, healthcare, social security, disability, and unemployment.

The mass influx of illegals is to crush our financial system. It will be unsustainable. We will not have enough resource such as food and healthcare to take care of all of them. They shouldn't even be here in the first place.

2.) "I saw the government giving away freebies such as iPhones and iPads away to tweens and teens. The teens now think that the government is so much cooler than their parents. They became rebellious against their parents and swore allegiance to the government instead."

I've noticed a divide between parents and kids as they grow older because of all the crap they've been teaching in the public school system. Not only that, LAUSD is giving away free iPads to kids. Most parents don't have money to buy cool gadgets for their kids. With the public schools giving kids access to cool technology, kids are at the mercy to be brainwashed by whatever the school system wants to teach them. They will rebel against their parents like never before.

3.) "The Rapture has already happened. Very few people actually made it through the Rapture compared to the rest of the world. Everyone who was left behind had looks of despair upon their faces. I saw myself in a room with a bunch of Christians who were left behind. They turned to me for answers. One of them was a middle-aged Asian woman with a worried look on her face. She asked me, 'What just happened to us?' I answered her, 'Have you ever heard of the Rapture?' She shook her head. I said, 'You never heard of the Rapture? Did your church ever teach you about it? Did you ever read the Book of Revelation?' All of the Christians sadly shook their heads, felt ashamed, and appeared very clueless."

The Rapture will be a very sad day for all the Christians who were left behind. Most of the Christians who were left behind were "lukewarm" Christians. Even though a good number of them attended church, I was very shocked that they never heard of the Rapture and barely even read or let alone study the Bible. This describes the attitude of most Christians today.

Many pastors are too afraid to preach about heaven and hell or even the Rapture, Antichrist, and the Tribulation because they think these topics are too controversial. They only preach about the goodness of Jesus Christ and that's about it.

I remembered Andy at EFC LA was the first Christian who ever explained to me about the Rapture when I asked him about the Book of Revelation. That's why Bible studies are very important whether in group or individually. The problem with most of today's church is that no one wants to read the Bible or believe in the Bible anymore. They want to make their own way to heaven. They refuse to believe that abortion is murder and that gay marriage is wrong. They just want to fit in with the world, and that is why millions of Christians will be left behind after the Rapture. The worst part is that they will be devastated, shocked, and absolutely ashamed that they were left behind.

The good news is that these Christians were given a reality check, and they will want real answers badly. They will look for Christian experts who understand they Bible. They will refuse the Mark of the Beast and devote themselves to Christ but will have to pay a very heavy price in doing so.

The other group of Christians who were left behind were the ones who believed in the post-Tribulation Rapture. Many of them were Christian experts. But in order to go into the Rapture, you have to have faith in the Rapture. If you reject the pre-Tribulation Rapture, you will not be raptured no matter how much of a devout Christian you are.

That was the first time I ever received confirmation from a dream like this. I've read articles, but now I know for a fact that those who do not believe in the pre-Tribulation Rapture will not be raptured no matter what. God will not force anyone to believe in something they disagree with.

The last question is: Why was I left behind in my dream? There are one of two answers. Either I wasn't ready to go into the Rapture or God called me to minister to the lost after the Rapture. I wasn't upset at God at all. I was just happy to serve the Lord. Ideally, I do want to get raptured. I was happy to answer all these questions that the left behind Christians were asking me.

We were also hiding from the government. That is why if you hide in basements or hideouts, the government will not go out of their way to find you. But if you're out in the open or make yourself known, the government will capture you. In a post-Rapture society, all Christians and Jews have been declared enemies of the government. The saddest thing is that these Christians were absolutely clueless about Christianity their whole lives. If only they have known.

How to get into the Rapture: 1.) You need to be saved. 2.) You need to be holy and constantly seeking the Lord at all times. It does not mean that you need to quit your job and stop living. It just means that your heart must centered on serving Christ.

I also learned that the Rapture will be very sudden and unexpected. You need to be ready at every second at every moment of the day. Refrain from sin. Repent constantly. Catch yourself if you know you just sinned and ask for forgiveness. I used to make snarky remarks about people all the time as a bad habit. I find myself doing less and less of it.

All Christians must remain holy at all times. It sickens me that pot is being legalized thanks to Nobama. People lose their consciousness when they get high on drugs thus allowing demons to even possibly enter them. That is why many people die from using drugs. It's not just physical but spiritual as well. People are getting tattoos everywhere. Many have no idea that tattoos actually create portals for demons. They need to have it removed or pray over it to be sealed.

Yup, I learned lots from that dream. I just watched a recent Christian prophecy video that said that we only have "3 seconds" of God time left before the Rapture. It's getting very close. Don't freak out. At least we know how to be prepared.

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